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If you had to choose a gundam that fits who you are, which gundam would it be and what color?

F91, Alex, and Nu are my favorite by design, so either or will do. The basic red, white, and blue color scheme is good too. I wouldn’t want my gundam in any other color.


I’m not a “gundam” person though. If I had to choose a mobile suit that suits who I am, I’d go with a DOM Tropen. It’s a specialized DOM model made for hot climates, so it has specific features designed for the sand environment. (I really like specialized mobile suits in general.)

They’re kind of big and bulky, but DOMs have speed, and high mobility. The DOM Tropen carries the Heat Saber, and Sturm Faust, which are 2 of my favorite weapons. 

I’d want it painted with large desert “tiger stripes.”